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African Safari Travel Tips for First Time Travelers

Everyone should experience something outside of their comfort zone, outside of their norm at least once in their life. And whether crossing it off a bucket list or giving in to the travel bug for the umpteenth time, international travel is a big task to get underway. For first time international travelers, African safari travel agencies can help to guide you through the process and steps needed. Here are some tips to help get familiarized with the process.

Passport and Other Documents

Duh. Fairly obvious thing to have when going to Africa. But what most people aren't aware of is just how long the process can take. Sometimes it's a matter of a month or two, but it's been said to take almost up to a year to get all the approved documentation. Africa holidays tour agencies can help get this process moving.

Currency is another important topic to consider. Try to avoid using a debit card or credit card in shady places or at shady ATMs. Check with local banks to see what exchange rates are, trade in the money budgeted for the trip and a little extra padding in case something comes up, and only use cards for emergencies, if at all.



The requirement for vaccinations is not very common knowledge. A professional African safari agency at would know how to guide you with regards to getting the correct vaccinations for the destination. Each country is different and some might not even require vaccinations to travel in and out of. There are various travel websites devoted to travelers' health topics. Everywhere from destinations, travel health specialist directories and disease updates on outbreaks in certain countries.


Insurance is the Best Assurance

This is a particularly important topic for those traveling for the first time and comes highly recommended. In an unfamiliar environment, there is nothing better to have then insurance. We don't drive to work without it, so why would we travel to foreign places without it? If something happens while on the trip, either bodily harm or property harm, insurance from travel agencies can help protect against any damages that might occur. You can also learn more tips on where to find the best African safari tours by checking out the post at


Insurance even for before the trip is a good thing. When planned through an African safari travel agency, vacations can be rebooked or moved around at ease if an emergency happens close to the time of the vacation.


The above is an overview of what you should know when planning a trip to Africa. Get started here today and plan the trip of a lifetime.